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Our Team -- Our Greatest Asset

Stoffer & Stoffer Inc. takes great pride in its outstanding team of experts.

Our in-house carpentry team is headed up by superintendent/foreman Eric Stoffer, while our office is managed by Alicia Stoffer, and our design and project oversight is completed by Scott Stoffer.


Our family has one business passion: to make each and every Stoffer and Stoffer Inc. customer happy, happy, happy!

Designer/Builder/General Contractor

Scott G. Stoffer

Scott G. Stoffer


Bio: A true California native, Scott Stoffer has lived all over the state, and due to his instinctive design and construction leanings, he has studied in detail the greatly varied and unique architecture of California -- from the Victorians of San Francisco to the Spanish and Mexican-built missions and haciendas of the Central coast and Southern California.  


From a young age, Scott's natural and unique artistic vision was apparent.  His ongoing innate artistry and great respect for the details that make up his projects is in large part thanks to the influence of his mother, interior designer Helen Rodriguez.  Together, Scott and Helen have worked on hundreds of one-of-a-kind projects, leaving a wake of very satisfied clients behind them -- many of whom have become great friends and repeat customers.


In 1998, Scott and his family relocated to the Las Vegas valley, where construction was booming.  Scott fell in love with the desert landscape and sunshine, and with Las Vegas itself -- a city of endless potential.   Although new construction has slowed, Scott has helped ensure Stoffer and Stoffer Inc.'s ongoing success through his personalized and honest approach -- something that has led to a client base that has not failed to flourish. 


Alicia C. Stoffer

Alicia C. Stoffer


Bio: Alicia Stoffer was born in Durango, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, California. Alicia and Scott Stoffer met and fell in love while attending Los Angeles State University, while Alicia was majoring in Accounting -- an asset which would prove invaluable in the founding and upkeep of Stoffer and Stoffer, Inc.  Alicia and Scott married in 1979 and soon after moved to San Francisco and began their family, with daughter Amy bring born in 1981 and son Eric in 1983.


In 1986, Scott and Alicia together made the decision to start their own construction business, first as a sole-proprietor dba California Design & Construction, (later to incorporate in 1994 as Stoffer & Stoffer, Inc.)

Alicia ran the office right out of their family home, all while raising Amy and Eric.  Her business sensibilities corresponded well with Scott's entrepreneurial nature, and slowly but surely, their business grew.  Alicia and Scott have worked successfully as a team ever since their initial meeting.


Alicia still heads the company's office and brings a personable approach to her job, making clients feel valued and comfortable. 



Superintendent/ Foreman

Eric S. Stoffer

Eric S. Stoffer


Bio: Eric Stoffer was born in Oakland, and grew up amid the sounds of hammers and electrical saws.  Eric was drawn from a very early age to carpentry, and was always happy and eager to learn with his dad. 


Eric began his official carpentry apprenticeship with Stoffer and Stoffer Inc. as a young man, and having inherited a large amount of natural construction skills from his dad, he has steadily grown in his knowledge and experience, taking on ever-increasing reponsibilities in the family business over time.


Eric feels blessed to be able to do such satisfying work, all while adding to the success of his family's business, Stoffer and Stoffer Inc.

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